General Car Insurance for Honda Vehicles Added to Search System at Insurer Website

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Owners of foreign cars, trucks and SUVs can struggle to find appropriate coverage from American companies in the auto insurance industry. The Quotes Pros company is now promoting access to general car insurance for Honda vehicles and other foreign brands to consumers at

The men and women who decide to use the quotation tool to review price details this year will have complete access to providers from across the U.S. The rise in use of Honda vehicles over the past several years has been one factor in the decision to update the insurer research system this year at the Quotes Pros website.

“Consumers who choose to use our system as a tool to find rates decreases or national averages can benefit from our anonymous database of companies,” said one Quotes Pros rep.

The vehicle insurer system that is connected to the website links national agencies that provide more than simple liability coverage to the public. A Civic, Del Sol, CR-V or other vehicle owner who has a need for bonded insurance or full coverage can connect with price data using the system.

“Foreign cars can sometimes cost more to insure based on theft rates and other data that is usually sampled at the local level by agencies,” the rep added.

The Quotes Pros company will continue offering price information for owners of vehicles through its open search tool this year. In addition to providing access to agency rates, policies and pricing for life and health coverage can now be explored using the tools at


The company is one source that is searchable through the Internet to help find insurance package costs from top companies in the United States. The system built for public usage has been expanded at the website in order to represent the price data through different agencies this year. Consumers can actively use the search finder to explore all providers of coverage plans available.

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Insurance Quotes for General Auto Coverage Added to Easy Search System

Insurance Quotes for General Auto Coverage Added to Easy Search System
Finding out the real cost of a vehicle insurance plan is now easier for motorists who gain entry to the Quotes Pros website online. A new assortment of insurance quotes from general providers can be accessed from
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Liability Car Insurance for TN Drivers Now Quoted at Insurance Website Online

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

Motorists who reside in the state of Tennessee can now depend on the Quotes Pros website in order to find insurer price information. The database at is now connecting drivers with liability car insurance from U.S. companies.

Direct reviews and quotes can be obtained with use of the search system for TN residents this year. Companies that are positioned in Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and other cities can now be found inside of the system to help motorists quote prices for coverage.

“All brands of vehicles can receive coverage with help from our database portal and there are no limits placed on the amount of quotes requested,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

Drivers who prefer to have liability protection who operating a motor vehicle compared to other forms of coverage can benefit when using the statewide agency system. Collision add-ons as well as comprehensive options are provided by insurers that are available to review or to quote.

“A motorist who uses our system to find out the best monthly or annual pricing for different plans will have to enter a zip code before sorting through the agencies,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company has taken advantage of technologies in the information technology industry in order to improve its consumer accessible tools. To go along with automotive insurers in the system, companies that quote life, homeowner or health plans have been added for review at


The company is one source to find state level insurance companies providing Internet quotations in the U.S. The company database that is supplied can be used with only a zip code as the main criteria for price research. The company is expected to include more companies based on limited consumer data into its finder tool that is now open 24/7 for American consumers to use daily.

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California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grants Give Public High Schools a Sporting Chance

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

As the school-year gets rolling, many districts are faced with the challenge to balance the many financial needs of their student-based programs. Public high schools in need of funding for their athletics program are urged to apply for a 2015 California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant.

In the past three years, California Casualty has awarded more than $ 300,000. Guidelines and application forms can be found at

California Casualty will award numerous grants this year, in amounts of $ 1,000-to-$ 3,000, to public high schools across the nation that demonstrate the most need. Entries for the 2014-2015 academic year must be received by January 15, 2015 for consideration.

2014 recipients include (the complete list is attached):

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