Anker offers one of the best cordless experience for hardwood floors

Anker is a title usually not correlated with vacuums, like Hoover, Bissell, or Dyson. Anker LLC is a UK based business since 1986. Anker manufactures high quality home care battery-operated appliances, battery cases and desktop computer, wall, & vehicle chargers for notebooks and Android and Apple devices since 1986. Anker has integrated their rechargeable battery technology into what some might consider as one of the very best Cordless Vacuum for hardwood floors and light cleaning of area rugs, and quick pile carpeting. In addition to serving as a stick vacuum it can also be utilized as a handy hand held cordless vacuum for anyone fast Cordless Vacuums for hardwood floors


The Anker HomeVac Couple 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a motorized brushroll that may be switched off OFF for smooth floorings. The 21.6V lithium ion Battery and the large efficiency motor supply strong suction that will last up to 2 4 minutes of fade-free operation and up to 60 minutes in the Eco Mode.


The filters are Washable/Cleanable and do a great job of dust and trapping lint. Swivel Steering snug areas practically effortless and makes steering around furniture! It has a charging cradle that serves as a base for Dusting Brush, an A/C Adapter, upright charging, and Crevice Device. It’s backed with an 18 Month Warranty. This is one Cordless Stick Vacuum that do gentle cleaning on carpets and rug too and will do a fantastic job on your own hardwood floors. The cost is astounding!