The most effective Three Musketeers Deck for Clash Royale Arena 8 as well as 9

Back before Lightning ended up being prominent this deck was a beast but even now it still holds its own. The deck has different variants which I will certainly go into later however right now I’m holding just below 3800 trophies with this deck of ClashRoyaleArena:

3 musketeers (8).

Ice Golem (7).

Knight (10).

Demons (11).

Ice Spirit (10).

Zap (11).

Mega Minion (7).

The Log (1).

Previous versions had the:.

Miner rather than the Knight.ClashRoyaleArena

Canon instead of the Huge Minion, this version was a little as well protective and could often show up a garbage hand.

For those who don’t have The Log, Arrows is a substitute.

The deck is very systematic and is easy to use. The basic technique is to divide push down both lanes using your containers as well as splitting your musketeers. From here see just how your opponent replies to both sides and the following time respond accordingly. You will certainly locate that usually your opponent will certainly have a hard time to stop both assaults without taking tower damage allowing you to rinse as well as duplicate your split push, damaging his tower( s) lower and reduced.

Technology Tips:.

The 3 Musketeers, when positioned, ought to virtually always split up, two down one side and one down one more. When the challenger is a tower down, to split your musketeers they need to be put at the very least 4-floor tiles ahead of your King’s Tower.

Ice Golem and Zap will kill Minions.

Ice Spirit and Goblins is a cheap and also powerful combination in both protection and assault.

If the opponent is dropping Barbarians to protect as well as kill your Muskets, have the Ice Spirit adhere to the Muskets then use Log to push the icy Barbs back. This need to keep your Firearms alive and give you a favorable option exchange.

Be cautious of greed, dropping your 3 musketeers in the heart of the opponent’s side to take the second tower can be exactly just what the opponent wants you to do. Only do this to finish the game as well as if the challenger has no fast solution.

Leading Tip: if you can, defending against a press from your challenges with your three musketeers could produce a terrifying counter push.